An amazing Nonprofit dedicated to supplying students with new STEM skills and opportunities

We were founded with the goal of community and personal improvement in mind. We not only help our students, but our volunteers as well! They learn valuable skills for the future. Our Story

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Tech Savvy Youth
Tech Savvy Youth

Who we are

Empowering youth through new technologies and coding

Tech Savvy Youth is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization (EIN: 85-4090345). We pride ourselves on creating fun, hands-on, and knowledgeable classes that will empower youth with the skills like the ability to code, build their own computers, prepare for the SAT, solve advanced math problems, and more. In our classes, students will be able to sit at home and virtually learn STEM skills whenever they want. We empower, teach, and support students to learn the skills that will be necessary in the growing IT industry and into the future.

Our Team Leads

Tech Savvy Youth

Vismay Patel

Founder & CEO of Tech Savvy Youth
Student Pilot

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Tech Savvy Youth

Sejal Parsana


What Students Say

Two things I liked about the class are the knowledge that I gained and using Python.

- Jayden Green, 16

I enjoyed learning about the code combinations and stuff like that.

- Dillon Stidwell, 14

Class was great, I learned a lot and had a good time.

- Kyla Palmer, 14

There was lots of room for questions, and the classes were easy to understand and showed lots of different examples.

- Artemiy Debalchuk, 15

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